oh, Milano!

Last week we spent 3 days in Milan with The ElephantSkin for the spring edition of Filler (illustration/diy convention strictly connected to the punk/skate scene) and it was pretty good: beautiful place (the bastard brand's headquarter) and great artists! But i think i'll post more about it later. These are from a short walk we had on saturday in piazza Duomo.. so ordinary! And just to continue in the same vain: Stazione Centrale, but with a (hopefully) not ordinary view of form connection



Comfort zone

Sunday15th: looking for comfort food in a comfort zone 
on a grey day.
I tried with SfogliaRina and i thought it worked

But that day i also saw DMA's live, 
and it really made my day

here more from a february lunch with my babes Bea and Stefania:


sunday, SWEET sunday

well well well.. look who's back! Engineering is still ruining my life, but i won't give up. Fortunately may will also be about: food, big plans 
and LOVE